Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an article for an upcoming issue?

Email your article pitches to ND Managing Editor Hilary Saunders at We get a lot of pitches, so please be patient.


How do your subscriptions work, and why am I paying monthly for a quarterly product?

We publish journals four times per year. Because of the great deal of time, work, and art that goes into each issue (not offset by advertising revenue), they are not cheap to make or sell. To lessen the burden of the quarterly sum of $17 + shipping that you might pay for a single copy of an individual issue, we offer three avenues for subscription: Pay $6 per month, pay $18 per quarter, or pay $68 per year. The greatest savings occurs at the pay-annually level. Monthly and quarterly subscriptions allow you to save money on shipping and automatically receive each issue without having to order each anew each time.


Can I gift a subscription or individual issues?

Yes! Input the gift recipient’s name & address in the shipping field.


How long does delivery take?

Once the journal is off the press, it takes one to two weeks to ship domestically; four to eight weeks, depending on where you are, for international shipping. If you have any questions about your order, please e-mail us at


Do you ship worldwide?



What is the reason for the high cost of international shipping?

We are a small company who uses the postal service to ship everything, and they set the rates. Unfortunately shipping overseas is not cheap, and these journals are fairly substantial in size and weight — not like your typical flimsy glossy magazine.


Can I send a check for my order instead of paying online?

Sorry, we cannot accept checks.


How do I change my subscription address?

To update your subscription address, please email


How do I change or cancel my subscription?

To change or cancel your subscription, email


Is there a digital version of the magazine? Are the stories posted online?

No, at this time we don’t publish a digital version of the No Depression journal. If you loved an article and want to tell your friends about it, you can either encourage them to purchase a copy or lend them yours.